Kuchyně pro Vás v krásném prostředí na okraji Prahy

moderní kuchyně

Kuchyně jen v moderním provedení

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New wave of inspiration

And just for such people is ideal. Original features such as handles along the door, imaginative arrangement wash zone or doors unusual formats - all kitchen supplies Visby subtle yet distinctive face. Visby will certainly be inspired to test new flavors and combining seemingly nezkombinovatelných food. Do not be afraid and get into the creative cook, a good dose of courage is the best ingredients to cook and for designers. Kitchen Visby is a clear proof!


Facilitate the cooking and cleaning


Kitchen Visby is produced in three color variations - black, blue and red. The surface of the door with a matte varnish is practical and easy to clean, certainly do not have to worry that it will see every fingerprint. Also recessed handles that make the door practically do not touch, are very practical. Plnovýsuvné boxes provide the perfect use of inside cabinets and easy access to things stored up in the back. The system delivers impressive lighting kitchen Visby sense brightness and simplicity. The kitchen is included in the price category C3, more information, see our price list.



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