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New wave of inspiration


Long ago, the case that is luxurious and ostentatious, flamboyant. More sophisticated beauty lies in simple shapes instead of cheap imitations and are rate-quality materials give the interior a true hallmark of exceptionalism, rather than a cheap facade. The combination of black lacquer and veneers with a strong drawing wood, both in high gloss, has a very luxurious. Timber lined with atypical cabinet with light sliding doors cleverly hides not only classical outlet, and shelves of dishes, as well as kitchen appliances. Before the eyes of visitors here to hide the oven or coffee maker, for example. Kitchen Vigo and fits very well into modern interiors and become his full part.


Worktop differently


While we were not accustomed to wood decor only body and door cabinets, kitchen Vigo comes up with something completely new - "wooden" worktop in Makassar exotic decor, which looks absolutely gorgeous. The kitchen, which you can not find a single disturbing element falls into the eye of anyone who prefers elegant and precise style. The kitchen is included in the price category B4, more information, see our price list.



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