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If you have hitherto been warming themselves up to a minute from the freezer and prepared coffee, you'll find that cooking can be fun. Udine simply offers something more, and in all respects, stands high above the ordinary kitchens. It looks absolutely fantastic and would be a sin not to utilize fully all the possibilities it offers! Udine is an interesting, modern and very variable. You can choose any color and if you like variety and diversity, there is no problem with each other to combine several. Udine is created for users who demand exclusivity, elegance and high quality.


Handles? It does not need!


Headlands its treatment certainly will not disappoint even demanding customers. Doors and drawers are painted with several layers of durable matt finish, so do not worry, it will be seen on the surface of each fingerprint. Branded Blum fittings with a very long life ensures a comfortable and subdued opening and closing all doors and drawers. Thanks to the opening of the kitchen does not need to touch handles. Tall, deep recessed plinth will not interfere with your feet. The kitchen is included in the price category D2, more information, see our price list.



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