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Contrast and brightness


In the kitchen at first sight love everyone who loves elegance and style, while too nepotrpí the extravagant excesses. Trieste is unobtrusive and tasteful, but this certainly does not mean that it would be too settled - gray color creates an interesting contrast with the warm tones of wood. Those who opposed this wish to further accentuate the group added to the counter and accessories in bright red color. Glossy surfaces give the kitchen a hallmark of luxury, charm and are currently (and designers for a long time) fashion hit number one.


Elegance without mounts


Trieste kitchen doors are made of shiny lamina that is more affordable, yet high quality alternative to painted finish. Complement a wide range of cuisine can be compiled to match even the highest demands. Sophisticated internal layout will allow all necessary fit into smaller kitchen. Due to the high and deep zapuštěnému base for cabinets can easily become, without being limited to cooking anything. Door cabinets are without handles, which corresponds to current trends. The kitchen is included in the price category D2, more information, see our price list.



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