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In a sign of splendor and luxury

You have the courage to break away from the logic of ordinary kitchen-colored wood? Dark red sweep into your kitchen as much water and encourage the best in any culinary skills. Feel free to use more colors on the counter! In contrast with the red looks very impressive as creamy white and dark gray stone with a natural drawing. Another stylish addition to some significant absorbs red and also has a very luxurious, the drawers in the color of stainless steel. They are perfectly fine-tune not only with appliances, but also with lighting and other equipment to the kitchen.


Method of production decisions on the quality


When selecting kitchen is not only important the material, but also the method of production. Workmanship decides how long a product lasts. Kitchen Störmer brands are produced industrially using the latest technologies to enable seamless processing of surfaces and edges so as to avoid wasteful damage. Doors are covered with smooth, highly glossy film. It has similar characteristics as the paint - it is very resistant, withstand prolonged exposure to steam and moisture and easy to keep clean. The advantage is lower price, cuisine Salzburg and offers an alternative to the advantage of lacquered kitchens. The kitchen is included in the price category B3, more information, see our price list.



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