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Innovative use of space

Slowly now the bell tolls periods when kitchen consisted of a series of lower and upper cabinets. Modern arrangement adapted to the fact that kitchens are part of the living space. Obligate the upper and lower cabinets can be replaced Assemblies built cabinets and closets. Its components are often built-in appliances, which are located at a height of the hull to serving you in the baking or microwave ovens do not have to bend back. The big change is the use of central blocks, so-called kitchen islands, which are accessible from all sides and thus give the counter-D.


Kitchen as a center events

Kitchens no longer simply measured by the width and height, but it appears from the wall of the living space and becomes part of it. Therefore, using the kitchen Remo Hochglanz luxurious materials that can compete with the material used for the manufacture of furniture in the living room. Shiny lacquered doors are already at a distance, as well as accessories and appliances in stainless steel. Frame stand alone block is very sturdy and looks good from all sides. If you just want to extend the kitchen and living room and finesse it to be included, you could not choose better. The kitchen is included in the price category C3, more information, see our price list.



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