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Portofino Siena

Spark with kitchen!


Kitchen Siena is designed so that it can smoothly move in the living room - the boundary between these two spaces are blurring. Kitchenette no longer need to leave behind and separated by partitions, shelves and screens. Thanks luxurious materials and modern design can be a full part Siena living space. Tired of your traditional line arrangement to the upper and lower range? Siena part of the kitchen wall can be built with appliances and cabinets that provide plenty of storage space for dishes or food.


Taking advantage of each place


Strong drawing great timber excelling in conjunction with painted doors, which you can choose the color according to the wishes of a large stencil. Siena thinks of every detail. Wide and deep drawers without handles offer a lot of space. Their interiors can be due to a wide variety of different organizers and distributors to organize their own needs. All drawers are muffled as plnovýsuvné lock. Also, due to folding and swivel corner shelves can be used really any place. The kitchen is included in the price category D3, more information, see our price list.



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