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Palma Cubanit

Give your kitchen sparkle!


If you are looking for something truly novel and refined at the same time, use as a centerpiece elegant shelves with clear economical LED light-emitting diodes. Not only will facilitate orientation in the cabinet, but with half-transparent black glass doors are very light shelf original designer element. Tinted glass in combination with light, creating interesting lighting effects. Not only the police would bring originality to your home.


Kitchen which adapts to your style.


It's up to you to choose what colors and accessories and what face you put your new kitchen. Palma kitchen, you can choose from twelve colors, you can obtain aluminum doors, stainless steel or ABS plastic edges. Thanks to good slide systems and a wide, spacious drawers, which facilitate access to utensils and food stored in deep cabinets, Palma offers a comfortable working environment. The kitchen is included in the price range B5, more information, see our price list.



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