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The magic of real wood

This deluxe set is a good choice for anyone who goes with time, but wants that from his kitchen exuding warmth of home. Oxford is elegant and representative. You need not be ashamed to invite an important visit home, boss or business partner. At the same time in the kitchen but Oxford also enjoy Sunday breakfast with the family. The use of wood gives a solid line Oxford tough look and a solid foundation. But it is a classic rustic kitchen, so it fits into modern interiors. Thanks to wide range of kitchen cabinets comes out to meet your requirements for size and height of the desktop.


design which you can still watch


Smooth veneer filler door is set in a broad frame of solid wood. Perfect and precise craftsmanship determines cuisine Oxford demanding customers who expect not just an elegant appearance, but also the highest quality. All of the kitchen - corpora, doors, worktop, fittings and accessories can withstand large loads. All this makes the kitchen a maximum lifetime. Moreover, not only that the material will last a long time, but thanks to timeless design will last a long attractive in your eyes. The kitchen is included in the price category B6, more information, see our price list.



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