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Create unexpected combination!


Betting on sober and dynamic design combined with perfect functionality, and so is a great choice for everyone who likes cleanliness, order and perfect appearance. The advantage of dark brown cabinets and doors is the possibility of combination with virtually any color, do not be afraid or very sharp shades. Red, orange, yellow or pure white as bezúchytkové upper cabinets in high gloss will take care of that kitchen is not boring, even though its design is very sober.


Materials that withstand


The group Linum are great appliances in stainless steel. Kitchen doors and side walls are made of multi-layer veneer, originally designed aluminum mount base cabinets will go with stainless steel accessories. Comfortable and subdued opening and closing doors providing quality fittings. Worktop granite stone with a unique drawing will enchant all lovers of natural materials. Granite is very durable, do not have to worry about that record damages sharp knife or a hot bottom of the pot. Linum kitchen is included in the price range C4 more information, see our price list.



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