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The appearance of wood, veneer benefits


Front door and kitchen drawers are made of veneered MDF panels with horizontal drawing years, caked with 2 mm strong wooden lipping. Lead perfectly imitates natural wood, unlike him, but the veneer is very easy to maintain, the more moisture resistant. A significantly lower price you so Linea offers high comfort and a pleasant appearance of wood is a perfect fill the stainless steel appliances. To bring in a new kitchen a little bit of life and bright colors? Doors can be made from MDF board and painted with polyurethane varnish according to RAL or NCS swatch. The finish is in this case made in high gloss or mat. In combination with the handles of any shape and other accessories, your new kitchen directly to shine!


Original folding doors


Cabinet with folding doors, located directly on the board, is a kind of modern equivalent of the good old cupboard or sideboard. Provides lots of space for kitchen utensils, because it uses the space that would otherwise remain deaf. Linea Kitchen is designed for customers who are looking for elegance, but also effectiveness. The kitchen is included in the price category A7, more information, see our price list.



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