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How many users, many kitchens

Everyone has different tastes, so has the kitchen Juliana countless variations. Bring in your kitchen playfulness and invigorate her original elements. It is up to you to choose what color, decor and lock up doors, whether you choose standard or recessed handles and worktops which type you choose. Lockers may become either the pedestal or on legs. Varnished surfaces corresponding to the current trends of modern cuisine. In the kitchen, Juliana, you can design and tailor to your preferences, you can be »in« a while to feel great and enjoy cooking.


Connection colors and wood

Interesting, not very normal horizontal painting for years veneered kitchen Juliana characteristic element. Its doors are pasting 2 mm strong wooden lipping, adjusted matt varnish with UV filter, which ensures color stability. If you prefer bright colors, select both sides painted headlands and you can choose from about 1700 colors in glossy or matte finish. Very interesting color combination works well paint a veneer. The kitchen is included in the price category A7, more information, see our price list.



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