Kuchyně pro Vás v krásném prostředí na okraji Prahy

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Kuchyně jen v moderním provedení

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Maximum design, minimum work


You can indulge your fantasy to the fullest. Smooth, double-sided lacquered door in matt or high gloss design can be manufactured in about 1700 colors! You do not have to compromise, you can choose the best color or color combination. And not just because this is a luxury kitchen with modern features and top among the most popular fittings. Genoa also think that all activities associated with cooking is as simple as possible. Use wide drawers with plnovýsuvy shock and allow perfect storage area arrangements, as well as high-quality wire program. Neither piece is left inside boxes unused.


Clean and durable


Genoa has been drafted taking into account the latest findings in ergonomics and of course with regard to current fashion trends. Varnished doors can withstand a large load. They do not mind the heat or steam, nerozklíží and easy to keep clean. Revive glazed look of the kitchen cabinets lined with aluminum frames. Your demands for comfort are met through the use of wide drawers with plnovýsuvy and dampers and cabinets out with gas. For a reasonable price there is a kitchen, serving not only as an interior decoration, but also respecting all the requirements of those who actually want to cook it. The kitchen is included in the price category A6, more information, see our price list.



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