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The delicate beauty of glass


Glass is often used to dekorations also manufacture jewelry. Why neozdobit house or flat jewel in the form of a glass kitchen? Magic combination of colored and clear glass with an exotic veneer will bring your interior a whole new dimension. This set has subtle, light and fragile, but lasts a lot. Kitchen Cristallo is made of painted glass, which is mounted in a solid frame. This prevents mechanical damage to the glass and also aesthetically concludes edge fine aluminum door frame.


Perfectly smooth - a perfectly clean

Kitchen Cristallo has so clean and untouched, to be able to offer the idea that the damage is there to cook. Do not worry that hours spent preparing meals at the kitchen somehow arise. The premium materials will still look like new. Fear not in place even if the use of bright colors, because the other positive feature cuisine Cristallo is easy maintenance. On a perfectly smooth surface with no pores no hold dirt, simply wipe the door and again as the alabaster. Easy opening the kitchen door at the touch of exclusive system allows the Touch and open. The kitchen is included in the price category A12, more information, see our price list.



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