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Kitchen as part of the interior

Modern kitchens are increasingly moving away classical appearance. Designers breaks down stereotypes and adjusting to the fact that the cuisine has become part of the living space. This trend is increasingly subjecting their appearance. Also Bologna from a luxury kitchen design Linea Horizontal series are those reports, which completely fit into the interior. Become part of it, despite the fact that its appearance is original and expressive, the kitchen does not affect the overall appearance of no room. The combination of glossy black surface, stainless steel and light wood narůžovělého line gives a unique look. Horizontal years drawing contrasts with painted surfaces and even more so excels.


Down with stereotypes!


While traditional kitchens are arranged in a pattern »bottom lockers - worktop - tile - top boxes', Bologna cuisine is quite different disposition. The bottom cabinets are followed directly overhead. Work area shall be extended to the island kitchen and storage space also provide an elegant cabinets with sliding doors, recessed into the wall. But Bologna nevyniká only noble design, but also superior quality and complete functionality and practicality. Kitchen utensils and equipment are easily accessible and quickly ready for use. Also maintenance of all areas is simple. The kitchen is included in the price category D1, more information, see our price list.



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