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Create your own combination!


In Barcelona, the kitchen will feel like a fish in water, mostly young and unconventional customers, especially if they opt for a combination of anthracite and blue-gray color. If you but I just do not like this combination, you can choose from many other colors and wood decor. Barcelona meets all the requirements imposed on modern kitchen. Has a distinctive, yet clean and nepřekombinovaný design, corresponds to the high demands of users on the quality and accuracy of workmanship and provides a comfortable work. With a choice of boxes of many types and sizes with the Assemblies can find an optimal solution for every interior. Looking for something that offers cuisine Barcelona? Combine it with another type - you have a chance for the emergence of many others, original variations


Quality fittings - long life


You can also add a number of interesting accessories - very impressive as light shelves. Are you expecting from the kitchen except for a handsome maximum functionality? Barcelona, supplemented by top appliances, turn in the creative cooking guests. Manufacturers also thought that the details that are the least visible, is usually the most important. Of course there is, therefore, in this kitchen-quality, highly durable and stable fittings, which allows easy operation of all doors and drawers. Barcelona kitchen is included in the price range B5, more information, see our price list.



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