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Choose - you of what?


To be light, airy and dreamy? Or dark, elegant and rather conservative? Whether you decide for any appearance, due to the large number of cabinets and faces in a variety of design problem is not to achieve perfect results. Kitchen Athen based because of its variability to meet not only with regard to appearance, but also in terms of functionality. In addition to the interesting design, atypical formats doors and original accessories, this kitchen also features a very efficient use of space. Already planning a new kitchen, you should keep the rule that is not good to adapt to something you »sit down '.


Kitchens must adapt to you!


When designing the layout of cabinets and work areas depart from what where you really need. Kitchen is to serve a number of years, so do not do compromise. Athen adjusts to you and your requirements - large, deep drawers allow easy access to the heavy pots and large pieces of dishes; plnovýsuvům through a wire to get the program without a complicated move things immediately and easily where you need it. Oven, located at the fuselage, is also much more practical - you will not unnecessarily strain your back. The kitchen is included in the price range B5, more information, see our price list.



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