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Do not hold when the wall


Arco is very easy to become proud of your home, you will not visit settle on the couch, but to the modern kitchen table or counter barovému. Looking for something original? Build your kitchen so that interested at first glance. If you have enough space, why should state all the cabinets against the wall? Let the kitchen, "breathe". In one kitchen can also combine a wide range of materials - artificial stone worktops and wood veneer, gloss kitchen supply glass or painted doors. Interesting results enabled by the use of contrasting colors.


The rate of personality


Fine-tune the appearance of kitchen appliances, stainless steel hood atypical and design batteries. Finally, select the interesting dishes and accessories. Done, you have a kitchen to suit your wishes and space! It seems to you that the classic tile is rather rustic village house kitchen and a modern kitchen too fit? You're right. This report recommends adding the screens, replacing ceramic tiles on the wall behind the counter and cabinets. Choose the best and make it more interesting add! Arco line is included in the price category C5, more information, see our price list.



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