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Kitchens Modern

In this category, choose a very demanding user. Cuisine of this series Modern are simple, clean and stylishly elegant. If you follow trends in housing and want to have a modern home, find the perfect inspiration here. Discover the magic of glossy paint, vibrant colors and combinations of wood, stainless steel and glass! Cuisine of this series stand an excellent price / quality ratio. You can be sure that it lasts for years as new. The simple design is also timeless and universal - when, after some time decide to change, just change the accessories and suddenly you have a kitchen in a completely new style!

TIP: hot trend that will enjoy great popularity for many seasons are exotic veneers, laminates and foils. If you want to go to the time bet on the door of wenge, begging or makasar, lined with aluminum frame.


Aliana take your breath away. Perfectly coherent, very modern set of completely blurring the differences between the kitchen and living room interior. >>více


Bologna is the luxury kitchen designer gem. The combination of exotic veneers Crazy Wood, glass and painted surfaces in high gloss will take your breath away at first sight. >>více


Leading designers have given rise to this unique beads between galleys on the Czech market. Kitchen Cristallo received recognition not only among demanding customers, but also at the International Fair Housing Mobitex 2007, where she won 3rd place in the >>více


To actually make a choice from a wide variety of colors? Genoa kitchen you can have in every shade, to which your heart desires. >>více


Why go with the crowd when you can be completely original? Juliana kitchen you can perfectly adapt to your needs. Only you decide on its final form! >>více


Linea set is ideal for anyone who does not like conspicuous excesses, but wants to move with the times and to arrange their own kitchens with the latest trends. >>více


You want to experience something exciting? We just look you get the kitchen Valencia. Give your interior exactly what you expect from the kitchen - style, comfort and freshness. >>více


You need after a tiring day at work to encourage? Prepare coffee and snacks in the kitchen, which is directly charged energy! >>více


If you are looking for the kitchen to sparkle and charm despite a simple design, the kitchen Vigo perfect fulfillment of your wishes. Stop cheap effects! >>více


Always you want a kitchen full of sun, but that light to the apartment you again so much lacking? Help him and obtain a brightly colored kitchen Oslo! >>více


It's up to you how to organize your kitchen Athens and what style of her attributes. This set belongs to those who may have many faces. They all look great! >>více

Palma Cubanit

Kitchen full of imagination and charm! Special color finish door with a new type of glass creates a unique kitchen Palma - CUBANIT. >>více


Original, playful, interesting games using light and color - this is the kitchen Barcelona. And what is not? Certainly not dull. It differs at first glance. >>více


Kitchen London is universal, but not boring. Bring a fresh breeze to your home and will enchant young couples, families with children and very demanding customers who are looking for something else. >>více


At the intersection between classic and modern kitchen is set Oxford. Is ideal for demanding users who are looking for stylish and elegant compromise between the modern and cozy kitchen. >>více


You want to experience something exciting? We just look you get the kitchen Valencia. Give your interior exactly what you expect from the kitchen - style, comfort and freshness. >>více

Portofino Bologna

Looking for a kitchen that would actually fit into modern interiors and became part of it? Nothing could nevybočovala and that this is actually the kitchen would be known only at second glance? In short, the perfect chameleon? >>více

Portofino Siena

Soft and elegant - that could be characterized kitchen without handles Siena, which combines the natural beauty of wood decor with a clear light color paint. >>více


And it came to cooking your hobby, or on the contrary trying to reduce the time spent in the kitchen to a minimum? Whether you are a first or a second group of people, one thing is certain: the kitchen will take your breath away Udine. Gets the everyone. >>více


Trieste is a modern kitchen, which retains the friendliness and coziness and you will certainly feel it comfortable. Thanks timeless design will be like after years. >>více


Luxurious premium quality kitchen that will satisfy even the highest demands on design and functionality. Respects the current fashion trends and their style is perfectly suited as the spacious and modern loft apartments. >>více


If you like exotic materials, contrast and sophistication, certainly your interior immediately sets an exclusive group Arco. Especially when you modify it a little in his own image! >>více


The simplicity is beauty. If you are fan of unnecessary and broken ornaments and all kinds »curls', then for you the perfect kitchen Linum. >>více


Sharp shapes, smooth surfaces without unnecessary ornaments and Multi-, arbitrarily colored painted surface - all this makes the kitchen Remo Hochglanz modern look and sparkle. >>více


Thanks to well thought-out arrangement is cooking in the kitchen Visby fast, simple and convenient. This set radiates youthfulness, playfulness and uniqueness. >>více


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