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Ideal kitchen still see the same


Wallis will appeal to anyone who wants to move with the times, but wants to keep home a human face. Although this is a modern kitchen, does not look like a sterile laboratory. Its design is not too severe, but neither »grandmotherly" and through timeless look you neokouká Wallis. Wood just looks good always, also has the advantage of years of use of this material are not detrimental to the contrary, the time he stayed desirable patina. In combination with an almost indestructible worktop arises from natural stone kitchen, which will last a very long time. Ergonomically designed workspaces provide the level of comfort for your back.


Exceptional Wood


No substitutes - cabinets and headlands Wallis kitchens are made from solid beech. Moderate to severe beech wood was of high hardness and resistance and is used for the production floors and furniture that really has something to endure. Wood for cooking Wallis is specially selected and adjusted to work, shape remained stable and withstood a long time without signs of wear. Surface modification can be done waxing or varnishing, depends on your wishes. The difference between waxed and lacquered variant is slightly different color shade of wood. The kitchen is included in the price category C6, more information, see our price list.



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