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Peace and tranquility of rural


A number of boxes of various shapes and sizes allows for a ragged group with a number of interesting features. The dominant feature of this beautiful kitchen are stylish stained with veneers and drawing on glass. The magic lies in Verona kitchen detail - shelves and small drawers for spices, glazed windows, lights and appliances in the retro design, all of which brings together a distinctive cuisine, which is a joy to cook. Elegant and timeless Verona kitchen is ideal for a family house, furnished in rustic style. Correspond to the classical style worked well with flat doors a massive frame and profiled veneered panels.


Solid wood decorated with patina


Rich brown nut is an American original, thanks to its strong, distinctive artwork years. This effect further accentuates the patina of finish, which is recorded in the wood pore. Corpora can be made from laminate or veneer of the same pattern, the design of American walnut, you can select the various accessories - coronaria decorative moldings, shelves and plinths. Grass cutting-edge hardware can be added plnovýsuvy drawer with shock. Wide range of cabinets, worktops, fittings, interior fittings and appliances provides great opportunities to build the perfect meal tailored to each customer. The kitchen is included in the price category A6, more information, see our price list.



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