Kuchyně pro Vás v krásném prostředí na okraji Prahy

moderní kuchyně

Kuchyně jen v moderním provedení

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Classic with modern accessories


Quiet, slow pace of village life, as our grandmothers would be reflected in this kitchen and gave her a charm. Unlike the original kitchen is equipped with Raven the best that modern technology offers. Oven in retro design just looks old school, but is equipped with all modern features. In a discreet cover hides powerful hood. Dishwasher on which our great-grandmother could only dream, is also behind stylish doors. Ravena will be due to its traditional design fit into stylish apartments and houses, but the cottages.


Massive oak patina highlights


The kitchen features exclusive doors of solid wood, which is milled into an elegant frame. At first sight with its distinctive drawing hard and durable oak. The front surface is applied spectacular patina, which highlights the wood pores. Overall impression of complete veneer corpora and accessories that we recommend doobjednat. Coronaria moldings, decorative details, the small upper drawers and stylish stained glass give the kitchen a real charm, quality fittings, interior equipment and appliances top the technical basis. The kitchen is included in the price category A7, more information, see our price list.



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