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Friendliness, peace, comfort


Friendliness and natural look rustic cuisine is hard to replace something. You do not make any compromises - why not arrange ultramodern kitchen, he tends to something entirely different? Rustic Kitchen alá "country cottage" are timeless, and their appearance is attractive even after years. Doors will also look good even after a long period of use as a mild patina that's not a bad thing, it is instead of this style is desirable. Glass cabinet, accompanied by guides, recall the good old grandmother's cupboard.


Solid foundation home


Into open cabinets with wicker baskets, which are also very nice decorations, hiding a lot of useful things. Simple profiles Filled with original shaped metal handles and accessories made of solid wood create truly stylish kitchen. Solid frames and panels give the kitchen a solid, really solid, foundation and longevity. The kitchen is included in the price category, B7, more information, see our price list.



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