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Change the look of the kitchen


Report Pesara friendliness retains the rustic style, but also can be used in modern kitchens. Just choose the right mount and the countertop, add a few accessories from natural materials and have my grandmother's cozy kitchen. If you get tired over time, or decide to modernize the interior, there is nothing easier than to change accessories, add colors, decorated handles replace the simple, buy new tablecloths and curtains, or replace the countertop. The country's cuisine can be immediately transformed into a modern apartment or decoration of the house!


The natural beauty of wood


Despite the fact that most use of the kitchen are made of solid wood, the price is very favorable. Doors are solid straight frame and smooth veneer core. You can choose from a variety of tree species - Pesara cuisine is offered in the implementation of maple, beech, alder, ash, light walnut, chestnut, pear or American walnut. Each type of wood has its own distinctive flight pattern, which can be highlighted or suppressed přimořením and final matte finish varnish. The order can be produced veneered panel and corpora. Wide range of cabinets and interior fittings and appliances, including plnovýsuvů offers unlimited opportunities to build a modern, practical and functional kitchen. The kitchen is included in the price category A6, more information, see our price list.



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