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Wood plays a prim


Kitchen Padova is the right for lovers of natural materials - beech wood door frames are not only but also corpora cabinets, bases, top moldings coronaria and other details, such as sealing strips. Padova style cuisine is a pleasant, cheerful and youthful. Warm wood tones match perfectly with metal handles and glass door frames. If you add more appliances in stainless steel, you will achieve the elegant and understated appearance. Nontraditional breakdown of the upper cabinets and shelving operates Air, a smaller kitchen or bath will not look crowded.


The last centimeter


Kitchen Padova skillfully uses each location, which is being offered. In small drawers to fit a lot of useful things with sophisticated internal structure inch of space left, or deaf. Door frames made of solid beech wood, laminate lined with padding. You can choose between blue and green color, another option is to fill in beech wood decor. Glass cabinets can be equipped with the aluminum frames. Price Padova cuisine is very favorable, which is particularly appreciated by young families. The kitchen is included in the price category A6, more information, see our price list.



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