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What lies behind door?


Why not take the best from the time of our ancestors and not combine it with the best we offer today? Kitchen classic shapes, complemented by stained glass, which follow the shape of the door, as you surely awaken cooks. While our grandmothers and great-grandmother's cooking did not light, this set fully in line with the demands of modern humans with sophisticated ergonomics and easier than all the work. Of course there is, in this case, high quality fittings, such as full extension with shock, practical wire program, through which you have everything arranged neatly in cabinets.


Retro appliances give the kitchen atmosphere


Novara kitchen doors are made of solid frame with two arches and profiled panels. Wood can be grind to a wide range of shades. In the same pattern is then used to produce the corpora veneer cabinets. Can not be ignored top appliances in retro design, which does look like the original, however, abound in all the conveniences of modern technology. Novara kitchen will suit the material other than stainless obbligato. Why do not get as black, dark green or creamy white oven and hood? The kitchen is included in the price range A8, more information, see our price list.



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