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Perfectly versatile


If you would like to arrange air, sun-drenched Mediterranean style cuisine in the kitchen and straight out of the French Provence, Jutland is set to your ideal realization. Simply add the appropriate accessories and decorations. Jutland is one of those kitchens that neokoukají even after several years and which allows use of universal design to give a few minor modifications to an entirely different form. Just change the accessories, tiles with rustic motifs replaced the plate from stainless steel or colored laminate, decorative handles to replace the simpler and painted bright colors. Rural kitchen suddenly turn into a fresh and modern kitchen with the latest trends.


Patina old times


Wood is a natural material and not only for him there were no signs of wear on the damage, but are even desirable. Front of the drawers and doors are so framed pine wood with hand-built art patina. An interesting feature is the wooden door checkers. This style of cuisine suited to modern appliances in stainless steel and black, cream or color tubes and hoods in retro design. The kitchen is included in the price category C6, more information, see our price list.



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