Kuchyně pro Vás v krásném prostředí na okraji Prahy

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Style that enchants


One of the dominant group is practical to separate wash center, which allows access from three sides. The overall atmosphere has always decide the details. And in the kitchen Fontana, visit a number of things which together constitute one harmonious whole - be it a stylish stained glass, decorative moldings coronaria, various shelves in the spice or Reticulated door. Cupboard with open shelves allow the kitchen to equip your favorite accessories and decorations. Why hide stylish tins, decorative boxes and a nice spice for the door when you can expose for all to see?


Gently rounded edges


Sophisticated processing of kitchen doors and drawers and places high emphasis on customer demands. All front surfaces are made of specially treated solid wood that meets the high demands and can withstand a maximum load intact even cooking. Wood can be grind to shade alder, chestnut, maple, ash, walnut and stained bright pear. Finish matt varnish with UV filter ensures color stability on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight. The kitchen is included in the price range A8, more information, see our price list.



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