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The natural beauty of the patina


All headlands kitchen Cremona are made of solid wood. Thanks to the patina of finish, this set recalls the sunlit kitchen of village houses in the French Provence. Small drawers and shelves, and the spice jars with food in neschovávají door cabinets, but are the pride of the kitchen. This set is very diverse, look great variety of types, sizes and shapes of doors and drawers, stylish accessories are also stained glass. Despite this diversity does not kitchen Cremona random. Is detailed thought and aligned so as to form one harmonious whole.


Chestnut, walnut or maple?


For exclusive doors of solid wood, which can grind to a given hue, is milled flat elegant frame. Friendly atmosphere is enhanced design and colored trees offered - Your new kitchen can be the color of maple, alder, ash, light walnut, chestnut and pear. Matt coating polyurethane varnish prevents the porous wood (ash, chestnut) change patina. Wide range of cabinets, worktops, fittings and appliances allows many variations of configurations and arrangements. The kitchen is included in the price range A8, more information, see our price list.



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