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Back to the good old days


Looking for a way to relax at home, at least from the city rush and bustle? Try to go a number of decades back and arrange your kitchen in a rustic style. Let us remember the idyllic time long-gone home, and at least slow down the pace of life rushed. The nostalgic retro kitchen Casara, you can clear your head when preparing delicacies from old family recipes or sitting with friends. Modern conveniences but of course the kitchen is not allowed. Despite its classic design is the kitchen fitted with quality fittings, stylish high-end appliances tuned and made to suit even the most demanding customers.


Choose the color of wood


Very solid and sturdy doors are made of profiled solid frame with a smooth veneer panels. Everything is stained in a shade of maple, alder, ash, light or American walnut, chestnut and pear. Corpora cabinets can be made either in the lamina decor selected species, or veneer. If you decide not to choose any glass from the menu, you can still choose between several types of spectacular stained glass. For each species fits something else and each has a different taste and imagination, so you can choose from many accessories to fine-tune the overall look of the kitchen. Choose any handles, type of glass in the glass door, worktop, sealing strips or bases! The kitchen is included in the price category A6, more information, see our price list.



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