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Kitchen Clasik

Kitchen, from which you can feel the friendliness, comfort and warmth. In this series, see craftsmanship, cozy traditional style kitchen, where you simply feel good. We offer strictly rustic cuisine and a decent and representative cuisine in an elegant style. Is used in the manufacture of solid wood and veneer quality. Choose from natural materials such as oak, beech, alder, cherry, walnut, maple or chestnut, the veneer is also offer exotic wenge or calvados. The surfaces of the faces are provided with the final injection of the high quality paint. Do not be fooled a historical view - the kitchen of a series Clasik Although they look ancient and rustic, but are equipped with the most modern appliances - obviously retro style!

TIP: Imitation antique kitchen of solid wood blends in village houses, as well as villas or city apartments in older buildings. Wood missing a special patina that adds authenticity to the kitchen. Charming stained glass look. Transfer to the time of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers or in sunny Provence and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere!


Cesara brings to your home a touch of warmth and comfort. Good quality cuisine with profiled frame to find sympathy even more demanding customers. >>více


If you are fond of wood for his unmistakable and natural beauty, you do not have to compromise and vote imitation. >>více


Rustic style, returning to the days of our grandmothers, never grow tired. Kitchen Decape combines the advantages of both the old and new. Looks very cozy, but also includes practical aids such as executive hood or modern appliances. >>více


Quality materials and perfect craftsmanship ensuring a high standard. Rustic yet refined Kitchen Fontana draws attention to several interesting features. >>více


Craftsmanship cuisine that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Luxurious and elegant line Imperia will adorn any home. >>více


Transfer to kitchen with Novara to the times of our grandmothers, when the art of cooking, which praised many a gentleman. All this set in September, not only because of great refinement elaborate door. >>více


You do not have a kitchen as big as a ballroom that can fit into it all you need. Even in smaller areas can be arranged full-sized kitchen, where cooking is easy and fun. >>více


Stuck between classic and modern design, you can choose a favorite of all, you both? Kitchen Pesara is a good compromise that both styles takes the best. >>více


Ravena, at first glance will like anyone who prefers the interior in traditional style. The rustic cuisine, popular for a beautiful appearance of oak wood, evokes the countryside, well-being and good food. >>více


Enough of flat surfaces and descriptive design! Report of Verona make every kitchen a cozy place where everyone will feel comfortable. >>více


Kitchen, made of solid wood and furnished in rustic style, always with a feeling of comfort and peace. Lovers of the classics can not commit to the kitchen Posen - is the best we can offer this class. >>více


If you bet on tasteful and timeless look that is not subject to short-term fashion excesses, you will enjoy the kitchen Edinburgh at a glance. >>více


Kitchen Jutland, although it is made of solid wood, looks massive. This set may have many forms, you have many ideas. It's up to you what style you just love it. >>více


Completely natural and yet exclusive. Kitchen Wallis combines modern trends, the beauty of natural materials and extremely durable. >>více


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