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Appreciate the timeless design


With a wide range of cabinets of various types and sizes from which to draw any kitchen, with Ligno fit into smaller spaces, which must be taken into account for every inch. Light veneered or glass cabinets can even the smallest room look larger and prosvětlit. In glass cabinets is also possible to install lighting and putting an interesting effects. Kitchen Ligno is an ideal choice for anyone who likes change, but not often invest in new equipment. Thanks to the universal style may be a purely modern Ligno once, twice, rather rustic, and it is sufficient to replace only a few accessories. No large investment!


Fittings with a lifetime warranty


You can count on the kitchen Ligno the last decades. Smooth veneer door with vertical drawing are caked with years of quality and strong wooden lipping, stained to the selected hue. The kitchen is equipped with branded fittings, whose greatest strengths are quick and easy assembly and especially lifetime warranty. The kitchen is included in the price category C1, more information, see our price list.



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